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Business customers

Time to start receiving your bills by email

(Fixed Line & Mobile Postpay)

Fast and convenient

Faster than traditional post

Go paperless

Receive PDF bills you can download and keep for your own records

Hassle-free & 24/7

Access and pay your bills anytime, anywhere via Selfcare

How to get your bills by email?

Option 1: Via Application Form

  • Download the application form below
  • Fill in the form
  • Sign it and send it to your Accounts Representative or email it to
Download application form

Option 2: Via Selfcare

Follow the steps below:

  • Log in to 'Selfcare'
  • Click on 'Payments'
  • Click on 'Billing details'
  • Select number
  • Click on 'Bill dispatch'
  • Select 'By email'
  • Enter email address(es)
  • Click on 'Save Changes'
Log in to Selfcare


  • What happens when I register?

    Once you are registered, you will receive your next Fixed Line and/or Mobile Postpay bill(s) by email. You will stop getting your paper bills by post.

    It’s important that at time of registration you give us an email address which you use regularly.

  • I have entered an email address when I registered but I am no longer using it. Can I get my bills on my new email address?

    Yes you can. Just drop us an email at You can also modify your email on the application form with your new email and send it to us.

  • I would like the bill to be sent to more than 1 email address. Is this possible?

    Yes. You can request delivery of your bills to up to 3 email addresses when you register for the service. Add only other email addresses of people/companies whom you trust with your personal data.

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