What is Alias?

Alias allows you to do an E-voucher recharge at any retail outlet including Telecom Shop without having to give your mobile number. You can now use the alias associated with your mobile number for your recharge with more convenience.

Alias can be used for both airtime and data recharge.

Benefits of using Alias

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    More privacy

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    Ease of use

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Benefits of using


Alias is a my.t mobile service which allows prepaid customers to keep their mobile numbers private when recharging through
E-voucher recharge at any MT retail outlet including Telecom Shop.
Alias is a service offered by my.t to its prepaid customers in Mauritius and Rodrigues.
Alias is a safe & secure way to keep your mobile number private when recharging through E-voucher.
Dial *200# and you will receive your Alias which is a unique number by SMS for your future E-voucher and E-voucher data transactions.
No, Alias is a free service offered by my.t for the safety of its prepaid customers.
No, your Alias is unique and is associated with your mobile number only.
No, you can give either your mobile number or Alias for your E-voucher or E-voucher data transactions.
Alias can be used at any of our 5,000 retailers and Telecom Shops for E-Voucher.
Yes, you can recharge other person’s mobile number by using their Alias.
In case of errors, retailers can reverse the transaction within a specified time frame.
No, Alias is only for recharge through E-voucher.
No, Alias is only for recharge through E-voucher.
No, Alias is only for recharge through E-voucher.

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