Seamless connectivity, even abroad

Surf the Internet, make and receive calls, or send and receive SMS wherever
you are in the world with a simplified tariff, only with my.t mobile.

Roaming tariffs


  • Call to any country/min Rs 75
  • Receiving call/min Rs 50
  • SMS/unit Rs 15
  • Data/MB Rs 50

How to activate roaming?

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Visit a Telecom shop

Send a mail to

Prepay customer

Roaming is automatically activated on your mobile.

Good to know

Roaming passengers can use their mobile phones for calls, text and data during their travel in selected cruises and airlines

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Travelling to the USA?

Make a request to activate LTE/4G roaming service as all major US carriers have recently shut down their 2G and 3G networks. Your existing roaming service may not work.

Steps while roaming:

  • Set Network Mode to Auto/2G/3G/LTE on your device
  • Select a US network operator manually
  • Switch to another US operator if you are unable to access data or make calls

To avoid bill shock, do the following steps on your mobile phone:

  • Set ‘Mobile Data’ to OFF
  • Set ‘Data Roaming’ to OFF

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