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DStv Stream

About DStv Stream

DStv Stream is a subscription based streaming service that offers a wide range of packages to suit you and your family’s viewing needs.  

Enjoy the best of international blockbusters, must see TV shows, kids’ entertainment, and live sports from SuperSport, anywhere and anytime you’re on the go with Live TV and Catch Up.

DStv Stream offers the best of sports and entertainment.

DStv Stream features the very best of football competition such as: UEFA Champions League, Europa League, English Premier League, FA Cup, Serie A, and La Liga matches, plus a wide range of live sports from SuperSport, including F1 & Motorsports, Tennis, Cricket, Rugby, Golf, NBA, UFC, Boxing and many more.

It also offers a wide variety of international movie blockbusters, award-winning TV shows, documentaries, kids shows and more.


You won’t need a special dish or new installation. As a streaming service, DStv Stream will be made directly available on your existing my.t Smart Box Pro.

The first step on your entertainment journey is deciding which DStv Stream offer will bring the content that you love, right to your home.

Click here to discover our exciting range of DStv Stream offers to keep you entertained.

All my.t home customers in Mauritius and Rodrigues are eligible to subscribe to DStv Stream.

Register to DStv Stream (New Customers)

DStv Stream will be made available for you very soon.

  • You can pre-register via our website. Click here to pre-register for DStv Stream, our team will contact you.
  • You can pre-register via Telecom app.

DStv Stream is available only on our new Smart Box Pro.

If you have an old TV decoder, you will have to swap your decoder for the Smart Box Pro. Save time and go online to opt for our technical team to proceed with the swapping at your place.

If you need more guidance, you can also call us on 8902 or visit any Telecom Shop to swap your decoder.

You must bring along: 

  • Your old decoder
  • The remote control
  • The power cable.

myt decoder

Nothing will change. You will keep all your TV packs as they currently are and your TV services will remain the same. However you can rebuild your my.t Home Internet & TV offer with DStv Stream that suit you and your family's viewing needs .

Register to DStv Stream (Existing Showmax Pro Customers)

Your Showmax Pro subscription will be smoothly replaced by DStv Stream by 29th November 2023. As an existing Showmax Pro customer, you will continue to enjoy the BEST of LIVE football, sports, movies and series.

The transition to DStv Stream will be hassle-free. We are pleased to offer you the FULL DStv Premium Package comprising more than 150 channels at NO additional cost up to 31st January 2024.

As from 1st February 2024, you will continue to enjoy the best of live football, movies & series by shifting to DStv Compact by default. However, you will still be able to select any other package that best suits your needs, tastes, and budget.

Since you are an existing Showmax Pro customer, DStv Stream is already available for you, wait until you will receive an SMS with the activation link for your DStv Stream Compact package.  The SMS is being sent in batches, you will receive yours soon.

DStv Stream app is already available only on our Smart Box Pro next to your my.t app on your TV.

If you need more guidance, call us on 8902.

Yes, you must create your account on DStv Stream to unlock the world of entertainment on your TV.  You will receive an SMS with a link to sign up to DStv Stream.

Follow the easy steps below after you receive your SMS.

Setup steps

Yes, both Showmax Pro and DStv Stream will be available on your Smart Box Pro at the same time until 29th November 2023.

No, with DStv Stream, you will get access to the best of football and much more sports content (tennis, Formula 1, boxing, cricket, golf…). What’s more, you will get movies and series from HBO, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros, NBC, DreamWorks, Disney Channel, Universal Studios...

Register to DStv Stream (Activate your account)

You will receive an SMS from Mauritius Telecom with a link to activate your DStv Stream account. 

Follow the quick registration steps.

Note: Keep your login email address and password safe.

It’s very simple. Just follow the steps in the How-to video.

It is important to note that this migration will be done in batches and all existing Showmax Pro customers will receive their Activation SMS by end of November 2023.

Also, check if your Activation SMS has not been delivered to another member of your family.

If you need more guidance, call us on 8902.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your username and password. We strongly advise you not to share your username and password with any third party.

Reset your password in easy steps:

Click here and:

  • insert your mobile number linked to your DStv Stream account and reset your password through an OTP.
  • Or Insert your DStv Stream email address to reset your password via email.


You can register DStv Stream on up to 5 different devices.

In addition to your Smart Box Pro, you can stream on your Smart TV, Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and Gaming Console.

Currently you may watch DStv Stream on 1 registered device only.

Rest assured, more amazing news in regard to streaming devices is coming at the end of February 2024.

Download the DStv Stream app directly from App Store, Play Store or App Gallery.

iPhone users – Click here to download from App Store.

Android users – Click here to download from Play Store.

Huawei users – Click here to download from App Gallery.

Please note that data charges may apply when downloading the app.

Yes, it will be available on both. Remember you can watch DStv Stream on only 1 device at a time.

Rest assured, more amazing news in regard to streaming devices is coming at the end of February 2024.

Selected contents are delivered via adaptive streaming up to HD.

DStv Stream is like any other app (e.g. YouTube) which uses up your volume allowance when content is played.

Yes, casting is supported via Chromecast for both Android and iOs, and AirPlay on iOS.

While streaming, look for the AirPlay/Chromecast icon in the video player control, then tap the icon to cast video to your AirPlay/Chromecast enabled device. You can continue to use the app to pause video, change volume and stop casting.

If using AirPlay, you can mirror the screen of your mobile device onto the screen of any AirPlay device. Go to the iOS home screen and swipe up to reveal the system tray, where you can enable AirPlay mirroring. Then open the DStv Stream app and start streaming.

Please note: casting is only available when streaming and not when watching downloaded content.

Firstly, ensure your Smart TV supports casting feature.

Secondly, your Smart TV and your Smartphone must be connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

The casting icon will only display if both your devices are connected on the same Wi-Fi network.

Never miss any moment on DStv Stream, you can now catch-up your favourite sports, movies, series & documentaries anytime anywhere in case you missed it.

DStv Stream catch-up on your smart Box Pro: On the left hand-side menu just under Live TV, the content available on catch-up are TV Shows, Movies, Sport & Kids.

DStv Stream catch-up on your smartphone: Click on catch up button and select from TV, Shows, Movies, Sport & Kid on top of your screen.     

The availability of catch-up content varies from 7 days up to a few months dependent on the rights of content providers.

Contractual Period & Billing

A minimum subscription period of 12 month is applicable for all DStv Stream packages.

Penalty Fees
  Contractual Period Penalty Fee
DStv Stream packages > 12 Months Rs. 1000
< 12 Months Rs. 1,500

If you have opted for DStv Stream offer with my.t Home Internet & TV service, you will find the details on your my.t bill.